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#1 2006-12-09 08:59:01

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Can't install RT73 Drivers...

Hi there!

I'm on a fresh Arch Linux install (base only)

I tried installing the rt73 drivers for my wireless card following the wiki Wireless guide...

I installed wireless_tools, got the driver (downloaded to a fat32 partition that I mounted in arch).... extracted it, changed the makefile.6 to makefile (since Im using 2.6 kernel, as suggested in the wiki)...

Next step is where I get problems... I type "make"

And I get a bunch of errors (looks like C errors...ex:  undeclared variable etc etc)...

Am I missing something to compile it? From what I get from the wiki, it should work!

Any help would be appreciated...


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Re: Can't install RT73 Drivers...

To get you up and running, download the ndiswrapper source from sourceforge, make, make install it to get internet access first.

cd to where you've got your rt73 firmware.
make sure you have the firmware copied to /lib/firmware

mkdir /lib/firmware
cp rt73.bin /lib/firmware

install ndiswrapper
get the source at

tar xvf ndiswrapper-1.31.tar.gz
cd ndis*
make install

cd to the directory with rt73.inf

ndiswrapper -i rt73.inf
ndiswrapper -m
modprobe ndiswrapper

IF you decide to update you system, remeber to also download current ndiswrapper and ndiswrapper-utils before you reboot, because ndiswrapper source will have installed it's modules in the kernel 2.6.16 dir, but the new kernel is 2.6.18.
pacman -S ndiswrapper ndiswrapper-utils

You know how to set wlan up in rc.conf right?
when you're done i'll show you how to make a rt73 package. OK?

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