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snapshot subvolume naming with Archinstall?

I recently created a working system in a VM with Archlinux, plasma, btrfs, grub-btrfs, snapper, and snap-pac. I followed the layout of the subvolumes and snapper partitioning using the wiki for snapper.  No issues there.

However, I wanted to compare how that would work with archinstall.  So I created a new VM and installed the same system.  I noticed that archinstall created the subvolume for snapshots and called it @.snapshots.  The snapper wiki recommend and expects @snapshots.  This created problems for me in setting up snapper and its config files that I'm working to understand.

What is the reason archinstall chose this naming convention?

Any recommendations on a process to use the snapper wiki with the new @.snapshot naming?


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Re: snapshot subvolume naming with Archinstall?

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