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#1 2023-12-25 21:47:23

Charn Xuli
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Connecting via an eSim on laptops

Hi there,

I'm unfamiliar with how eSim technology works, but Windows has a GUI/settings page for scanning eSim QR codes, etc. That's obviously if the device supports eSims.

Does Linux have a similar interface or method of connecting via an eSim?

Many thanks!


#2 2023-12-29 13:05:46

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Re: Connecting via an eSim on laptops wrote:

Once an eSIM carrier profile has been installed on an eUICC, it operates the same as a physical SIM, complete with a unique ICCID and network authentication key generated by the carrier.

In order to use any simcard you need a mobile broadband modem. Those come in many variants like usb devices, mini pci cards, integrated ones .
The brand, type, model and communication chipset used  determines whether they work on linux. and … e_Internet should help to give you an idea.

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