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Don Coyote
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Twist My ARM

I'm taking a stab at this being more of a community question than one of other architectures, could go either way I guess.

Are there Arch users here working much with the ARM architectures? I'm looking to switch more activity over to ARM laptops as more suitable to my battery demands. I had Arch Linux ARM on my PInephone and Pinebook Pro a couple of years ago and they worked as well as could be expected of the hardware at the time, but now that I am moving back to that equipment I see those projects seem to be in disarray. It looks like there is some interest in making an Arch ARM more official and If I get my mess together I'd like to commit time to helping there, but in the meantime need something more functional to catch up with. I'm looking for input on the best experiences with other ARM projects.

Manjaro is the primary OS for the Pinebook Pro. When I've tried Manjaro on both x86 and ARM I've been underwhelmed with disappointment. Although derivative of Arch, it adds nothing I can appreciate and obfuscates things that I do. It doesn't feel like an intuitive transition, just regressive to the days I was stumbling around random distributions. Does anyone used to Arch have better experience with other ARM projects that they think would be worth jumping streams of development for?

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Re: Twist My ARM

Try Alpine Linux, it supports ARM and it's _much_ lighter than Arch. Drew DeVault is a dev so the sway support is really good.


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