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Graphic driver choose Nvidia & Intel

Hello everyone I will install arch Linux completely on my laptop and I have a question about drivers, I have 2gpu into my laptop one is a Intel uhd graphic... and the other a nvidia quatro card, with one of graphic drivers on archinstall script I will choose. Ty for response.


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Re: Graphic driver choose Nvidia & Intel

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Re: Graphic driver choose Nvidia & Intel

Hi, if your NVidia video card is of the 20xx, 30xx, or 40xx version, then choose only "Nvidia open kernel module for newer GPUs, Turing+"; do not select the Intel driver. If the version of your NVidia graphics card is 1xxx or 10xx or older, then try the nouveau open-source driver (alone). You can also try installing with the nouveau driver for an Nvidia 20xx card, if the "Turing+" driver does not work well. Turing+ means GeForce GTX 1660, GeForce RTX 2060, or newer graphics cards. Code names of NVidia cards are listed here:

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