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Re: anything-sync-daemon - keep ANYTHING in tmpfs and sync'ed


So, I’m using anything-sync-daemon (asd) and I’m just wondering if it’s working as it should.

When I “ask” it if everything is going according to plan, it seems to tell me “yes”:

$ asd p
Waiting for lock...
flock: getting lock took 0.000002 seconds
flock: executing /usr/bin/asd
Anything-sync-daemon v6.0.0 on Arch Linux

 Systemd service is currently active.
 Systemd resync service is currently active.
 Overlayfs v23 is currently active.

Asd will manage the following per /run/asd.conf settings:

 owner/group id:     user/1000
 target to manage:   /home/user/.cache/chromium
 sync target:        /home/user/.cache/.chromium-backup_asd
 tmpfs target:       /tmp/asd-user/home/user/.cache/chromium
 dir size:           421M
 overlayfs size:     280K
 recovery dirs:      5 <- delete with the c option
  dir path/size:     /home/user/.cache/.chromium-backup_asd-crashrecovery-20240210_204103.tar.zstd (267M)
  dir path/size:     /home/user/.cache/.chromium-backup_asd-crashrecovery-20240128_121006.tar.zstd (4,0K)
  dir path/size:     /home/user/.cache/.chromium-backup_asd-crashrecovery-20240128_114248.tar.zstd (8,6M)
  dir path/size:     /home/user/.cache/.chromium-backup_asd-crashrecovery-20240116_191014.tar.zstd (298M)
  dir path/size:     /home/user/.cache/.chromium-backup_asd-crashrecovery-20240111_141324.tar.zstd (312M)

But if I look at the “managed” folder ( /home/user/.cache/chromium) it is still a “regular” directory, shouldn’t it rather be a symbolic link to /tmp/asd-user/home/user/.cache/chromium ?

I’m using profile-sync-daemon (psd) to achieve the same behavior with my browsers' profiles, and, in that case, the managed directories are (became) indeed symlinks to the directories in tmpfs…

Have I done something wrong or is asd working as it should ?

I would be very grateful for any advice smile

Cheers !


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