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Why does archinstall only give 20gb of root space?

Today I updated my system, and found out that I didn't have any more space. Huh, that's weird, I have a 1TB hard drive, that should be more than enough, right? Then I ran df and the root directory was indeed full. So I googled some stuff up, cleared unused packages, and finally managed to update my packages. I then viewed the man page of df, ran df -h to make it more readable, and it was then when i saw that 90% of my drive went to my home directory, while only giving 20GB to my root directory. So, why's that? Sorry if this is a duplicate.


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Re: Why does archinstall only give 20gb of root space?

Moving to Guided Installer

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Re: Why does archinstall only give 20gb of root space?

A number had to be picked.  I believe you can (and should) configure this if you want something other than someone else's idea of a good default.  (Or just don't use the silly install script at all if you don't like what it does).

Also, for many common desktop systems 20GB should be plenty.  There are countless discussions on this forums of users thinking they need to increase the size of their root partition - but in a majority of those cases, they had plenty of space for what *should* be on their root partition, but there was an error / problem resulting in the root partition being filled with junk.  So the solution wasn't a bigger partition, but to solve the "junk" causing issue.

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Re: Why does archinstall only give 20gb of root space?

A big junk isn't necessarily a problem, though tongue

Most likely /var/cache
Most likely the pacman cache

pacman -Scc


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Re: Why does archinstall only give 20gb of root space?

About a year after installing my system I went through he effort of reallocating space from home to root (another 10gb) as I was getting a bit nervous seeing root at 75% full.  Then I cleared pacman cache and realized it wasn't necessary.


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