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Unable to upgrade AUR packages: "not a git repository"

I use yay to install and upgrade packages. After a package is installed, if I try to upgrade it, I get:

 -> error fetching yay: fatal: not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git
	context: exit status 128

This prints for all installed AUR packages.

When I check their directories in ~/.cache/yay/, I see that they all have .git folders. If I delete ~/.cache/yay and its subdirectories, I'm able to install the latest version of all packages without issue. I'm still at a loss after trying everything I can find through the search.

yay -P --defaultconfig

	"aururl": "",
	"aurrpcurl": "",
	"buildDir": "/home/user/.cache/yay",
	"editor": "",
	"editorflags": "",
	"makepkgbin": "makepkg",
	"makepkgconf": "",
	"pacmanbin": "pacman",
	"pacmanconf": "/etc/pacman.conf",
	"redownload": "no",
	"answerclean": "",
	"answerdiff": "",
	"answeredit": "",
	"answerupgrade": "",
	"gitbin": "git",
	"gpgbin": "gpg",
	"gpgflags": "",
	"mflags": "",
	"sortby": "votes",
	"searchby": "name-desc",
	"gitflags": "",
	"removemake": "ask",
	"sudobin": "sudo",
	"sudoflags": "",
	"version": "12.3.0",
	"requestsplitn": 150,
	"completionrefreshtime": 7,
	"maxconcurrentdownloads": 1,
	"bottomup": true,
	"sudoloop": false,
	"timeupdate": false,
	"devel": false,
	"cleanAfter": false,
	"keepSrc": false,
	"provides": true,
	"pgpfetch": true,
	"cleanmenu": true,
	"diffmenu": true,
	"editmenu": false,
	"combinedupgrade": true,
	"useask": false,
	"batchinstall": false,
	"singlelineresults": false,
	"separatesources": true,
	"debug": false,
	"rpc": true,
	"doubleconfirm": true,
	"rebuild": "no"

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Re: Unable to upgrade AUR packages: "not a git repository"

(redacted idea that now seems irrelevant)

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