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ArchVoid - Dark themed Void Wallpapers for Arch Linux

Hey guys! So, my wallpaper-making skills are still in development, but I hope you like this. Today I was bored a little bit and got the idea to make some wallpapers for Arch Linux. I think they are cool, so I decided to share them with you. This is a pack of some dark-themed wallpapers with Arch Linux logo on them. All the original wallpapers are from Pexels (this website), I just added Arch logos on them. All the wallpapers are in 1920x1080 resolution. So, enjoy! Feel free to post your ideas, suggestions, comments, and requests. Higher-quality images are available upon request.

Wallpaper 1 (Default) (Click to view the full image):                Arch-Void-wp1.png
Wallpaper 1 (Full Arch Logo) (Click to view the full image):    Arch-Void-wp1-2.png

Wallpaper 2 (Default) (Click to view the full image):                Arch-Void-wp2.png
Wallpaper 2 (Full Arch Logo) (Click to view the full image):    Arch-Void-wp2-2.png

Wallpaper 3 (Default) (Click to view the full image):                Arch-Void-wp3.png
Wallpaper 3 (Full Arch Logo) (Click to view the full image):    Arch-Void-wp3-2.png

Arch Linux newbie here

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