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Keyboard is disabled in plymouth after shutting down in tablet mode.


I have a Lenovo Thinkpad L13 Yoga. It is a convertible laptop, so the hinges can rotate 360° to fold the keyboard behind the screen.
I also use an encrypted root partition using cryptsetup and plymouth to enter the password at boot.

After installing Arch with Gnome the laptop automatically detects if it is in tablet mode and disables the keyboard accordingly.
However I have noticed an Issue where if I shut down the laptop while it is in tablet mode they keyboard gets disabled as soon as the Linux Kernel is loaded.

Specifically the keyboard is still working normally in the BIOS and Grub, but a few seconds after selecting the grub entry all the lights on the keyboard turn off and the Laptop doesn't respond to any inputs.
So far I have found, that the only way to enter the encryption password is to connect an external keyboard. Once I reach the login screen the keyboard is activated again.

The issue persists if I use the fallback initramfs.

If I boot the Arch installation stick, the issue is also resolved afterwards.


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Re: Keyboard is disabled in plymouth after shutting down in tablet mode.

I have the same thing with my yoga 7. As far as I know this is firmware/hardware based.

Can you close/reopen the lid (like suspending, not tablet mode!) when you're trying to type the password?

I think this could also be related to the kernel module no being added to initramfs.
If "lsmod | grep atkbd" prints anything, and the line in the "modules" array in /etc/mkinitcpio.conf and regenerate the initramfs.

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