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Sending system sounds to a given sink

I have good speakers that I'd like to play media through. My display also has garbage speakers.

I do not like that system sounds get unreasonably loud when I turn the volume up to listen to something quiet, so I would like to be able to send *just* the System Sounds to the garbage speakers in my display, which will be used for nothing else and kept at a constant volume.

However, pavucontrol looks like it allows you to specify a sink for everything *except* the system sounds.

Is there some way with PipeWire to durably configure it to send system sounds and the X11 beep to a given sink?


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Re: Sending system sounds to a given sink

To my knowledge, as long as your application uses a pipewrite backend, custom configuration can be used, and there are two ways to implement it

  1. Write rule configuration file

  2. Use commands to configure

But I am familiar with both of the above methods. I usually use graphical tools to manually adjust according to my needs, and the corresponding commands are qpwgraph and helvum.

Among them, qpwgraph has a configuration saving function, which can load configurations through commands. I think this is the simplest path to achieve the goal, or you can try rule configuration and commands. Rules are relatively recommended, and commands can be dynamically adjusted.


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Re: Sending system sounds to a given sink

The simplest to do this is generating a system sound and then switching the resulting sink from pactl list sinks to the device you want at which point that should be remembered.


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