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#1 2024-03-27 07:49:37

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Random 1 second freezes - P51 laptop

I had an issue with KDE Plasma 6 with Wayland on my laptop - honestly, I have no idea where to look, everything is up-to-date. What I'm noticing are freezes for 1s or less randomly. I've tried to track CPU usage and checked journalctl, Xorg logs, dmesg, and boot logs; nothing special is there. Do you have any idea how to run some debugging process to catch the issue? I think it can be related to multi-monitor thing

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#2 2024-03-29 19:05:45

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Re: Random 1 second freezes - P51 laptop

* You can check the relevant gpu top command of your GPU.
* During the freeze, are there any other writing to the logs (will narrow down if this more graphic oriented problem)?


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