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#1 2024-05-10 16:37:00

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Updating an Out-of-date package

I noticed a package I use is marked Out-of-date (aur/forticlient). I pulled down the repository and figured out how to update the package, but since it's marked out of date I wasn't sure what the correct procedure is even after reading the AUR submission section. Do I need to create a new package with a different name, and request a merge, or is it possible to just "un-outofdate" the package?


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Re: Updating an Out-of-date package

Only the maintainer or co-maintainers can push to the repo. There are no merge requests.

All you can do is manually update it locally and submit a patch, usually in the comments. Alternatively, you can request the package be orphaned so you can take it over as the maintainer seems to have left it broken for months.


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