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#1 2024-05-14 11:54:58

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Issues rebuilding zoom

I recently installed rebuild-detector. When I run check-rebuild -v. I get this output:

foreign zoom

ldd /opt/zoom/Qt/qml/QtQuick/Scene2D/ => not found

ldd /opt/zoom/Qt/qml/QtQuick/Scene3D/ => not found

ldd /opt/zoom/zoom => not found => not found

I rebuilt zoom but still got these messages. How does one solve these missing libraries?

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Re: Issues rebuilding zoom

Zoom is a binary package, so there is nothing we can do about the presence of these deps. Do they actually break something?

You can also see if you can find packages for them and report accordingly in the comments of the AUR packages:

$ sudo pacman -Fy                         
extra/qt5-gamepad 5.15.13-1 (qt5)


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