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#1 2024-03-15 23:06:49

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PKGBUILD review: gatemate-p_r-bin


I've recently received a neat board using a "new" FPGA chip called GateMate by the German company CologneChip and saw the (proprietary) place and route tool wasn't on the AUR yet.
I thought I'd try my hand at making a package for it.
Before publishing it, I'd like to gather some feedback. (As recommended by the AUR submission guidelines)

The files are at … 2afe215e53

I'd like to highlight the reasons for a few (non-obvious) decisions:

  1. The license is set to unknown (as per the hint in PKGBUILD.proto) as I could not find a license on CologneChip's website.

  2. CologneChip does not provide versioned downloads of their toolchain, only a "latest" (of sorts).
    As such, I decided to use VCS style versioning and set the shasum to SKIP.

  3. I am only grabbing the p_r tool itself and not the copies of yosys or openFPGAloader included in the tarball as the manual includes instructions saying you can use the upstream repos of said tools.
    In my attempts, using the versions from the arch repos works fine.

  4. The p_r wrapper bash script appears useless at first glance, but the p_r tool is a bit weird and seems to effectively use

    basename $0

    in order to find the .dly files it needs.
    If p_r was simply put in $PATH or symlinked to /usr/bin, it will fail to find those files. (I tried.)
    By using this wrapper script I am ensuring that simply calling p_r will still cause the p_r tools to be called with the "correct" $0 and picks its files up.
    There is already software out there that expects to be able to call p_r like this.

Any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated!


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Re: PKGBUILD review: gatemate-p_r-bin

Hi Rewby,

You need to state the license.
I found one in the source package called LICENSE
at cc-toolchain-linux/bin/openFPGALoader/

To get an expert to review this, you probably need to post the PKGBUILD,
not just a link to it.



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Re: PKGBUILD review: gatemate-p_r-bin

I'm not an expert but it would have helped if the PKGBUILD content was included in the post.

The pkgver() function is intended to be used by VCS packages, you are downloading release tarballs .

Construct the version early in the body of the PKGBUILD and store it in pkgver .
You can rename the tarball in the source array, using something like


NEVER skip checksums for files that are downloaded statically .
If upstream decides to release new tarballs without changing the name, don't hide that fact by skipping checksums .

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