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Opening aspx files

Some online banks use the aspx file for statements.  Arch lLnux with Gnome DE will not open it.  However the same Arch with Xfce will open it.  There must be a missing  codec in Gnome but I have not successfully discovered it.  If someone knows let me in on the secret.


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Re: Opening aspx files
quote: If you've downloaded an ASPX file and expected it to contain information (like a document or other saved data), it's likely that something is wrong with the website, and instead of generating usable information, it provided this server-side file instead.

TLDR: an ASP file is something executed on the server - and not send to the client - it's microsofts version of PHP


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Re: Opening aspx files

The difference is likely X11 ./. wayland and some browser plugin or java applet not running on the latter.
See whether your online bank behaves when running a gnome/X11 session and elaborate a bit on the situation.

As pointed out by cryptearth, you're not locally "opening" aspx files and unless you're using different browsers and the bank does some really silly browser sniffing I guess that's also not what's happening.


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