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AirPods Pro 2 single/double/triple tap all send XF86AudioPlay

Hi there, I hope this is the correct corner of this forum for my question.

As the title states, I'm using my AirPods Pro 2 on my Framework Laptop 16.
Occasionally, they kinda de-sync, which I fix by switching the codex back and forth, otherwise they work quite well.

However, double or triple tapping doesn't yield XF86AudioNext or XF86AudioPrev, respectively.
These gestures do work as expected on my Android phone.
Also, lowering or upping the volume doesn't pass through wev with XF86Audio(Raise|Lower)Volume, like the function keys on the keyboard do.

I'm running Hyprland and used wev and an empty keymap to try to capture all these key events, with the same behavior on KDE both in an X11 and Plasma session.
Is there any kind of config I can do to properly get these key events?

My motivation is to create a script where I can cycle through audio sources with these keys, or other things that might come up (trigger TTS input etc).
Without being able to capture these events, that won't be possible, so I'd be happy if you can help me capture them smile
Also, it'd be nice to just be able to skip a song, too.

There's a similar request on Reddit as well, however there's no useful answer: … rch_linux/

Thank you smile

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