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Black screen after clicking on arch install x86_64 in the grub menu

I have tried the mode setting fix and it still isn't working, my system is a Ryzen 5800x3D CPU with nVidia 1660ti GPU, and 16+8gb ram (16gb of 3200MHz and 8gb of 2400MHz both Corsair vengeance) and 500GB NVMESSD corsair and 1TB Toshiba HDD. secure boot is off and it is only UEFI, and I've installed Fedora and Nobara as well so no issues there, and I've used the same USB drive, so no issues on the USB side. I've tried using Balena etcher, and used rufus in both ISO mode and DD mode in both MBR and GPT. I have Windows installed on a different partition on the SSD, and I'm trying to install Arch on the second partition of the SSD. Just getting a black screen and isn't loading at all.


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