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Re: Anybody using Arch as their daily driver?

Original poster from 2017 so a lot of things have changed since then I imagine. In 2024, at least now it seems really nice with the amount of configuration you can do. Couple months ago I've installed Linux Mint but then I didn't quite like it - it was just stuttering (perhaps I misconfigured something). Little bit more research into the Linux world and I stumbled on EndeavourOS so that alongside Windows are the only 2 OSes running. I ran EOS for couple of weeks before realising its based on Arch Linux. So little bit more digging and figured out that you can just install Arch linux without any Desktop Environments which made me excited knowing how flexible it can be, you know just have a Arch Linux base, and start installing desktop environment yourself. There is many technical terms that still confuse me but I would say its great for a beginner like me. Just recently I decided to move everything from Windows to Arch and use it daily. The only thing that keeps me from uninstalling Windows is Steam. I use Arch Linux with Gnome (DE) running Wayland, but Wayland isn't yet supported by steam client as far as I am aware. However, with recent changes to KDE Plasma (Another DE), they seem to move away from X11 to Wayland so that should in theory make things like Proton be more compatible with Wayland at some point in the future that will let you play video games hehe.


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Re: Anybody using Arch as their daily driver?

I sure am. Still pretty new to actual Arch. I've been a Manjaro user for a while. A few months ago I finally installed Arch on my late 2014 Mac Mini, wiping macOS. I've been using the KDE desktop. After yesterday's update to KDE 6, all is still buttery smooth.

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Re: Anybody using Arch as their daily driver?

After my Windows 11 lost activation due to a UEFI update, and all troubleshooting steps failed to reactivate it, I made the switch.

First I started with EndeavourOS which I had used in the past, once I had my barrings I swapped to Arch and have been daily driving it for about 1/2 a year.
I still have Windows 11 installed for the very very rare instances I need to configure some USB device like my G502 or Xbox Elite on-board profiles, I haven't launched W11 in months.

All my games runs through Steam via Proton, including stuff you would normally use Lutris or Wine for (, Star Citizen, non-steam Games).

Really the hardest thing I had to do was set up CUPS and Avahi for Wireless printing, which wasn't hard, even NVIDIA has come a long way and has worked without issue on X11. With the recent update to Plasma 6 I will need to figure out how to finally get Wayland working because right now it just crashes immediately on login, switching back to X11 works fine.

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Re: Anybody using Arch as their daily driver?

I have been using Linux as main OS since 2016. I first started to use Ubuntu back in 2010 in a dual boot system. From 2016 to 2022 used Ubuntu LTS.
Then I got old thinkpad T420 and installed Archlinux on it in 2023 and ever since I have been using Arch as my main OS. Now its on all my computers.
When i started using Arch with DWM, st and other suckless utilities and mostly terminal based software, I realized how bloated and slow was my system with Ubuntu.
I can not even now fathom the idea of going back to any other distro.
I have finally found my tribe and I will keep using Arch till the day I die or till AI becomes sentient and doesn't allow humans to use computers, whichever comes first.

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Re: Anybody using Arch as their daily driver?

i do nothing on this computer but play overwatch and watch youtube and I love it

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Re: Anybody using Arch as their daily driver?

Been daily driving Arch for about 9 months now. Love it.


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