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Secure Boot on Dualboot Setup

I have a Yoga 7 14ARP8 with Archlinux and Windows 11 Dualboot. I have Arch encrypted and want Windows to be encrypted too. When I set up secure boot with sbctl, it works for both Arch and Windows. But the setting device encryption in Windows is missing. It only appears when setting up secure boot with the factory keys. I also can't just add keys because I can't go into setup mode without deleting all the keys.
I tried

sbctl enroll-keys -m -f

but the setting is still not there in Windows. The -t flag returns this:

couldn't sync keys: could not find any OpROM entries in the TPM eventlog


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Re: Secure Boot on Dualboot Setup

maybe shim could be sn option if you're required to use factory keys


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