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A newbie's suggestion for the installation guide page

First, I want to thank all the volunteers who have created and maintained the wiki. It truly is a treasure trove of valuable information

Ok, so here are my suggestions:

  - Can we please add a reference to the troubleshooting page somewhere? I didn't even know we had one until I completed my installation. It would be really helpful for future newbies and might at least stop them from creating a huge mistake during the installation step
  - Is it possible to move time synchronization in or after section #4? I didn't quite understand how to setup time synchronization (Step 3.3). Certain commands did not work because I was in arch-chroot. Even if I did exit out of arch-chroot, it did not seem like I was configuring things correctly.
  - Is it possible to move the bootloader step a little higher in section #3? It did take me quite some time to understand what I was doing wrong when I was trying to follow the steps before it. Because it took so much time, it made me more anxious that something might go wrong and I wouldn't be able to boot after that.

Once again, I am really grateful for the arch wiki. It really allowed me to understand what I need, and create a solution that works for me. There is still a lot more to learn and I look forward to using the arch wiki to further customize my setup


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Re: A newbie's suggestion for the installation guide page

Wiki content should preferably be discussed in the wiki. Start a new topic in … tion_guide.


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