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Electron applications issues on hybrid GPU laptop

I am using a laptop with a dGPU (RTX 3060) at work, on which I installed Arch with Gnome shell and GDM. I set it up to use Wayland and aside the occasional hiccups I had no issues using it.
Lately, however, two of the applications I use the most, Slack and VSCode, started having issues. Either they cannot start, or they take almost a minute to show up on the screen, or they have random window resizing issues.

I have a hunch this issue is due to Electron apps not running on the proper GPU, so I tried multiple things, from disabling the iGPU from the BIOS (which made my PC recognizing external monitors but not outputting anything to them), to force the use of only the dGPU (I basically work only plugged to the AC so I don't care about power consumption and I need the dGPU for some tasks). Sadly no solution I could think of or that I could find either here on in other forums helped.

Here is the output of

journalctl -b

(I had to compress it as it was over 2.5GB): journalctl.tar.xz
This is the output of


paru -Q
This is the content of my


Let me know if I can provide other info.


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