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#1 2007-01-11 08:05:54

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pacman -Syu replace packagex with packagey??

Just wondering why pacman asks me to replace certain packages sometimes, sure I can understand why when its replacing it with a different one with better functionality (eg. that udevfs with udev one) but I was asked to replace foomatic with foomatic-db-engine, aren't they two different packages that do different things?

I said no to the replace for now but should I just say yes to these questions? Is pacman all knowing and not gonna stuff up my programs/dependencies?


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Re: pacman -Syu replace packagex with packagey??

from my so far experience there are 2 reasons.
1 is that package foo1 is replacing foo2. meaning foo1 wont be available in the future.
2 package foo1 conflicts with foo2, meaning u cant have both of them in the same installation.
usually pacman knows what its doing. the question is if the user does too..

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