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#1 2007-01-11 14:22:32

From: Lund, Sweden
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Multiple version of jdk.

I've just switched to Arch from Gentoo and I like the experience sofar.

But I've run into one problem, I haven't found out how to run multiple versions of java on my machine. I need this because we may use different versions in school or at work (I work at home).

Is it possible to have multiple versions of jdk installed and switch between them in an easy way?


#2 2007-01-11 22:40:32

From: Oslo, Norway
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Re: Multiple version of jdk.

install the version arch got, and if you need to compile for a lower Java version, just use the -source and -target flags to the compiler to provide "backward compatible" source and class files.
This is easier than having multiple jdks installed at the same time


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