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Re: SCSI emulation with 2.4.21pre4 kernel...

in the /proc/scsi directory i have a directory ide-scsi and a file called scsi and in the ide-scsi directory there is a file called 0.  In the /dev/scsi directory there is nothing??? Dunno if this matters but just thought it might help.


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Re: SCSI emulation with 2.4.21pre4 kernel...

yes ide-cd can interfer with ide-scsi.

this is the modules i load:

sg                     29164   0
sr_mod                 14424   0
ide-scsi                8912   0
scsi_mod               89876   3 [sg sr_mod ide-scsi]

my ide-cd, i believe is built in and does not interfer and is used on my dvd/cdrom drive. i your case though there are two models competing for the one drive and may be causing a problem.

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Re: SCSI emulation with 2.4.21pre4 kernel...

The conflict here is between the kernel's PnP and the devfsd system. The fix for this conflict, at least for me, was twofold.

First, I added the following to the file /etc/modules.conf.

alias scsi_hostadapter ide-scsi
add below ide-scsi sr_mod

The devfs system looks for scsi_hostadapter as a device. When found, it loads the ide-scsi and the module loader then pulls in the sr_mod for cdrom access. Depending on how the kernel is built, other scsi modules may also be installed.

The second part is an edit to the fstab file. In my case, I made an addition as follows.

/dev/scsi/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/cd  /mnt/cdrom  iso9660  users,noauto,defaults  0  0

The reason I added the extra cdrom device is simple. When the system attempts to mount a cdrom on a nonexistent device, it will load the ide-cd module whether it's needed or not, even when loading the ide-scsi modules. So the command,

mount /mnt/cd

allows me to load the device as an IDE cdrom and

mount /mnt/cdrom

lets me access the cd as an ide-scsi cdrom. This can be verified by the existence of the /dev/cdroms/cdrom# (0 or whichever device number) symlink which points to a scsi device.

To load the modules without mounting the device, you can still use the rc.local file if necessary. I would try the burning software first before doing this as this setup should be automatic if the program is making the correct device calls.

Which brings up another point. This may not matter when using the former settings, but if the software is still looking for a /dev/pg* device and it doesn't exist after the modules are loaded, you may need to set the symlink yourself by editing the /etc/devfsd.conf file and adding these lines.

REGISTER    ^cdroms/cdrom0$  CFUNCTION GLOBAL mksymlink $devname pg0
UNREGISTER    ^cdroms/cdrom0$  CFUNCTION GLOBAL unlink pg0

I don't recall ever needing to do this.

Man I love Linux though. It gives everyone the opportunity to do things the way they want. For some, there is still the option of the kernel append line. I personally try and keep this as clean as possible. It makes it easier to remember what needs to be added when changing or adding a new kernel. In some cases you have no choice though. As an example, I use the svga framebuffer device which is especially useful on my Toshiba laptop. This framebuffer has to be configured on the kernel's append line as it isn't changeable once it's in use. Besides, what better way to understand the OS than finding out how to properly use the software the way it was designed, YMMV.



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Re: SCSI emulation with 2.4.21pre4 kernel...

alias scsi_hostadapter ide-scsi
add below ide-scsi sr_mod 

in modules.conf +


in lilo.conf did the trick for my CD-RW/DVD, cdburning works fine and normal datacds mount and read as they should, I havn't tried DVD yet.

This is a great forum my questions get answered before I ask them 8)

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