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#1 2003-02-15 15:57:23

From: Edmonton, Alberta
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root.img corrupt.

I wanted to do the ftp install but the root.img in your images directory on and the mirror sites is corrupt. I emailed you as well.. but thought i would post it here too.

Please let me know when it's fixed so i can install.

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#2 2003-02-15 18:20:34

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Re: root.img corrupt.

I've just downloaded boot.img and root.img, wrote them to 2 disks and booted with it.
Everything worked fine...

So, could you check the md5sum of the root.img file you downloaded? It should be:

[orelien@pikachu orelien]$ md5sum root.img 
fe00aa8d67b352b59f130625e019517b  root.img

If it is ok, the problem may comes from your floppy: try to write the image to another one...

Is your problem related with the size of the file? A smaller one does not necessarly mean it is corrupted...


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