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#1 2007-01-19 02:02:28

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Kernel update killed me?

Hi, I had the 0.7.2 version of Arch running great.  I had my video drivers working, sound working, network good, running gnome + gdm all custom etc.

When I tried to run packman -Syu to upgrade to the newest kernel, I got a warning about there already being files in /lib/modules/2.6.19-ARCH/ even though a uname -a clearly showed me "2.6.16-ARCH"

So... I ran pacman -Syuf  and now it wont get past lilo sad

Any help or is there a way to revert?



#2 2007-01-19 02:11:04

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Re: Kernel update killed me?

I think the older istall cd's would explane how to boot into an existing install if for some reason gurb or lilo stopped work.  If I remember right, it gave an example on the first screen once you booted the cd.

If your able to boot into your install you could try reinstalling lilo or grub.

I've never used lilo, you could try grub.

this might help...


#3 2007-01-19 08:04:53

Mr Green
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Re: Kernel update killed me?

after running -Syu did you run lilo ...?

check wiki on how to recover Rescue_a_system_with_a_broken_boot_loader

Mr Green


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Re: Kernel update killed me?

One comment to retain in your personal memory....

Any upgrade of kernel or LILO requires running /sbin/lilo before any reboot!!!!!!

Live CD will get you back up!!!

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Re: Kernel update killed me?

bootup your arch install cd and mount your partition. check your lilo config then run /sbin/lilo. you should make backups of your config files prior to doing system upgrades. atleast those config files that are needed to bootup your system.


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