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#1 2007-01-23 08:32:24

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Another SLiM Arch theme

I just made this theme for SLiM theme (though it still needs tweaking) for myself, but since it's Arch Linux oriented (or at least contains the name) I thought I might share it with you guys smile

I don't have anywhere to host the tarball, so I'll just link the images and paste the slim.theme here. Simply save the images and slim.theme into /usr/share/slim/asalt/. They should be named background.png, panel.png and slim.theme

· background.png
· panel.png

# Arch Linux theme for SLiM
# by Xilon

# Messages (ie: shutdown)
msg_color               #EEEEEE
msg_font                Verdana:size=16:bold:dpi=75
msg_x                   50%
msg_y                   60%

# valid values: stretch, tile
background_style        center
background_color        #111111

# Input controls
input_panel_x           50%
input_panel_y           55%
input_name_x            100
input_name_y            14
input_pass_x            -1
input_pass_y            -1
input_font              "Bistream Vera Sans:size=12:dpi=75"
input_fgcolor           #FFFFFF
input_color             #FFFFFF

# Username / password request
username_font              Verdana:size=14:bold:dpi=75
username_color            #EEEEEE
username_x              5
username_y              15
password_x              5
password_y              15

username_msg            Username:
password_msg            Password:

I suggest you make a new background.png (open the current and fill the background) suiting your resolution. SLiM's 'center' mode seems a bit slow.

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#2 2007-01-26 20:56:35

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Re: Another SLiM Arch theme

Looks nice. Thanks!

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#3 2007-01-27 23:50:43

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Re: Another SLiM Arch theme

Quite nice, I just may have to install slim so that I can use this. Thanks for the contribution.


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