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Looking at moving to arch. ISO question.

I moved over to linux, at the suggestion of a friend, last July.  I was complaining about some windows update screwing over my machine and he handed me a Ubuntu 6.06 disk and told me to shut up.  So, I installed it, and fell in love pretty quickly.  I liked the "Just works" philosophy of Ubuntu and didnt think much about it again.  Then, I got a bug, I started tinkering with stuff and quickly came to realize that Ubuntu is great for making the jump from windows to linux, but I want to learn more about how linux works, and I don't feel that Ubuntu is going to be the distro I'm looking for.

I've spent a few days lurking your forums and I like the KISS philosophy and the general attitude of "Give a man a fish, eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, eat for a lifetime." I want to learn how to fix my issues when I break them, and be able to help other's eventually.

Anyhow, I've looked on the forums but I'm probably using the wrong search terms, what is the diffrence between the arch-0.7.2.iso and the arch-0.7.2-base.iso?  According to the GA Tech mirror the base ISO is 148002k and the arch-0.7.2.iso is 530164k.. 

My guess is one installs a command line system that I'd get the joy of building up and the other is more of a "ready to go" version.   But, since I only have a few CD's left over and no room in the budget right now for more (working of debt sucks).  I'd like to have conformation before I burn. 

Also, what would you reccomend for someone closer to the newbie side than the user side?  I'm not afraid of the challenge, and I've got another computer to assist me with internet related searches while I sort through things?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Looking at moving to arch. ISO question.

here you go...

arch-ftp.iso: downloads packages over ftp.
arch-base.iso: has all the packages from the base category on the CD.
arch.iso: has all the packages from the current reop on the cd.

Now all these install the same way, and if you follow the reccomendations in the installer, will leave you with a console system.  Then you build form there (easiest is using the package groups.) 

If you are on a fast connection, you can get a full working Desktop in about 2h if you know what you are doing.  It might be a weekend project to get some stuff up and tweaked to your liking (mostly Xorg).  I'm not trying to deter you, only being honest. 

The biggest factor is this, what kind of connection do you have at home.  If it's fast, then any/all work, although I suggest the FTP (least amount of trouble, imho), but if you have a slower connection grab the full one.  But better to be safe than sorry, so download the "full" one.  All of the install options are available on it. 

Now one more suggestion, grab the 0.8beta isos; in 'other/0.8/i686/' on your favorite mirror (i'm assuming you are using the 32bit not the 64).  These isos are for our up-comming release.  They may have some bugs, but this means right from the start, you are helping us grow our distro into something great.  It will help make you feel right at home. 

In regards to you second inquiry, I would suggest doing an FTP base category install, then installing the gnome/gnome-extra groups.  You will get a familiar system (gnome), and it never hurts to get more comfortable with the Command Line.  Plus, you have a spare PC, so, take a weekend, learn how to configure Xorg and get gnome installed; then it's learn at your own pace.  To immerse yourself, is the best way to learn the most, and to retain it.  It's like learning another language; live in the country, and you will learn it faster, and better. 

Wish you the best of luck to you, and most importantly: have fun.


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