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DVD/Sound Quality Not The Best

First of all, I'd like to thank you guys for your help.  I've posted quite a few questions and all of them have been answered either in a reply, or with the help of the Wiki.

My sound quality isn't very good.  It's seems kinda flat and skips every so often.  In alsamixer, the only channels I have unmuted are Master and PCM.  Which ones should I unmute to improve the quality, and how far should I turn them up?

My DVD quality isn't very good, either.  I'm not sure whether this problem is system wide with videos or not (only have DVD's to test).  The picture looks... odd.  It's hard to explain.  Whenever there's movement, the picture looks almost smeared.  Everything that moves leaves a trail of lines behind it.  I'm using Xine-UI.  This doesn't happen in VLC Player, but I'd prefer to use Xine-UI.

I have a few other small questions I should ask while I'm at it.

Where are the logs stored for root commands?  I know when you type a command, it logs it in /home, but I'm talking about root commands.  They seem to be logged somewhere else and I can't figure out where.

I set up IPTables without a problem.  I assume that I can leave the settings where they are at default?  I don't know much about firewalls, so it would be hard for me to change anything.

JAVA is really slow.  On web pages, there's lag where there isn't in Windows because of it.  OpenOffice is so slow, there's a type delay.  I'm thinking I missed something when I set it up.  All I did was pacman -S j2re and left it alone.  Is there something else I should be doing?

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Re: DVD/Sound Quality Not The Best

to improve graphic , use closed source drivers with 32bit depth. Open alsamixer , because often some channels are hidden by default ( I don't know why he do this tongue ) . --> PS : If you use a tft or lcd monitor , use the native resolution of your device.

hope it works smile

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Re: DVD/Sound Quality Not The Best

hm, to help you there are some information necessary. your soundcard, cpu and so on...
one advice everyone should follow: do not put the channels (never mind which one) to the maximum! it is better the boxes are to be tourned louder. of course, these must be good ones! wink

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