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Install from hdd

Could this be done using a FAT32 partition with some data already on it? I remember it worked for Ubuntu on all the computers I've tried. It seems on Arch I get kernel panic (couldn't mount root(0,0)), my guess because of the vfat. Anyway confused by the fact that prior to the kernel panic, it tries to mount all my partitions using sda ? I have hda...

I tried both with my lilo and a gujin floppy (couldn't even start). Lilo gave me

Warning: The initial RAM disk is too big to fit between the kernel and
   the 15M-16M memory hole.  It will be loaded in the highest memory as
   though the configuration file specified "large-memory" and it will
   be assumed that the BIOS supports memory moves above 16M.
Added archCD ?


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