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#1 2007-03-07 18:25:00

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Abiword font problem

I have installed Abiword using pacman and I can bring it up all right in my window manager.   However, it does not work, claiming that it has not been able to find any font.  It suggests configuring correctly my /etc/fonts/fonts.conf file.  However, when I go into that file, it warns:  "DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE.  IT WILL BE REPLACED WHEN FONTCONFIG IS UPDATED.  LOCAL CHANGES BELONG IN 'local.conf'."  I do not know what this means or what I should do.  I've had no problems installing Abiword in any of my other distros.  It just downloads and runs fine from the outset.   Has anyone also had this problem or have any advice for me?  Thanks.


#2 2007-04-02 23:30:07

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Re: Abiword font problem

I had the same problem. You are missing some font packages.
Install the following font packages:

pacman -S xorg-fonts-75dpi xorg-fonts-100dpi xorg-fonts-type1

When these packages are installed they should regenerate the font cache.
Once they are installed abiword should work and there is no need to edit /etc/fonts/fonts.conf.

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