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Moving to Arch Linux

I'v been a long time Linux user and have used everything from Slackware to Gentoo to Debian, etc ... I currently use Ubuntu. I gave up a lot of distros like Gentoo and Slackware because I found the laptop support was bad.

I have got Arch Linux installed fine on vmware and am thinking of using it as my main OS now. But before I do, I was woundering how well the laptop support was (given I install laptop-mode, acpi(d), etc). I have a Dell Latitude D600 (hopefully someone has a Latitude and can tell me their findings smile), I was wounding, if I close my lid, will my screen & backlight go off?, when I open it, will it resume?, is the power management good?



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Re: Moving to Arch Linux

you may need to try different kernels or roll your own
i have mine (dell inspiron 5150) setup to turn off when lid closes i havent checked out the suspend to ram
but if you search the forums theres been plenty of discussion bout it & a quick search of Latitude D600
on forums pulls up a few hits


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