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need help with ...adding frequency scaling modules

Hi!  I'm new to Arch and in the middle of installing.  So far, so good. I just completed installing cpufrequtils and editing the rc.conf file to show the min_freq and max_freq to match my systems cpu spec.

What I don't understand is the following per the Beginners Guide...

"Add the frequency scaling modules to your /etc/rc.conf modules line (e.g. speedstep_centrino for Pentium M processors or powernow-k8 for the Athlon 64). Load the module with

modprobe <modulname>

Where do I need to do with this, it's confusing.  If I skip that section and run "/etc/rc.d/cpufreq start" I get the following...

::Setting cpufreq governing rules
wrong, unknown, or unhandled CPU?

...which points back to the scaling modules, but I'm not sure how to exactly add them to the rc.conf modules section correctly.  anyone have any ideas?



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Re: need help with ...adding frequency scaling modules

Hi EisBlade,
what type of cpu do you have?
Post the output of this command:

cat /proc/cpuinfo


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Re: need help with ...adding frequency scaling modules

modprobe <modulename> will load a module into the kernel. To have a module loaded automagically on boot, you can add <modulename> to the modules line in /etc/rc.conf.
If you have the entries in your /etc/rc.conf, there is no need to use the modprobe command as the modules will already be loaded.

To get frequency scaling working using cpufrequtils, you'll need to load the proper frequency scaling module (e.g., for Intel Core Duo: acpi_cpufreq). The exact module depends on your processor though. What's your CPU?

In addition to loading the CPU frequency scaling module, you _may_  need to also load your desired governor by adding it to the modules line of /etc/rc.conf (cpufreq_ondemand, cpufreq_conservative, cpufreq_performance, cpufreq_userspace, cpufreq_powersave) and editing /etc/conf.d/cpufreq to use your desired governor.

You can also have the cpufreq daemon start automagically on boot by adding 'cpufreq' to the daemons line in /etc/rc.conf.

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