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#1 2003-03-04 09:38:32

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"what's new?"

How about a "what's new" / "what's changed" in pacman
or the website or somewhere ...
for excample, gaim is at release 0.59-9, but what is the difference between 0.59-8 and 0.59-9?

Can be very usefull sometimes

apt-get install arch


#2 2003-03-04 09:55:19

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Re: "what's new?"

The differences can be checked on the "cvs section" of the Arch web site. This is sometimes not very user friendly, but it should answer to most of the questions.

IMHO, what is really missing is to have all files from the source code of pacman (pacman.c and its friends) and abs scripts (makepkg, gensync and makeworld) put on the cvs server, in a specific place.
(to date (and to my knowledge!), the source of pacman is only available as a tar.gz file on the ftp server (in the "other" directory))

This way, when a new pacman package is released, it could be tagged with the version-release number and we could precisely know what has been changed between 2 different releases.

This may already have been done, but in this case, i'm not aware of that point roll


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