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#1 2007-06-26 23:26:07

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Permission of .pacnew files

After updating sudo package smth made me check the diff between /etc/sudoers and /etc/sudoers.pacnew (I did it from regular user, not root) :

$ LANG="" diff /etc/sudoers.pacnew /etc/sudoers
diff: /etc/sudoers: Permission denied

For my surprise he yelled only for /etc/sudoers, and nothing about sudoers.pacnew file.

So I checked the permissions:

$ LANG="" ls -l /etc/sudoers*
-r--r----- 1 root root 723 Jun 20 02:11 /etc/sudoers
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 608 Jun 27 00:26 /etc/sudoers.pacnew

As You can see the .pacnew file has read permission for ALL. There's nothing wrong with this, it's a default file and there's nothing importand in there I thought. BUT after a minute... what about a situation when an administrator moves the /etc/sudoers.pacnew to /etc/sudoers, then edits it and makes important changes.. ? The file is still readable for ALL!

I think it's quite important issue or mayby I don't know about smth smile

I made a little test:

# ls -l /etc/sudoers*                          
-r--r----- 1 root root 723 VI 20 02:11 /etc/sudoers
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 608 VI 27 00:26 /etc/sudoers.pacnew

# cp /etc/sudoers.pacnew /etc/sudoers
# ls -l /etc/sudoers*
-r--r----- 1 root root 608 VI 27 01:29 /etc/sudoers
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 608 VI 27 00:26 /etc/sudoers.pacnew

So when admin only copies the new file on the old one, the permissions will stay OK, it's quite normal smile

# rm /etc/sudoers; cp /etc/sudoers.pacnew /etc/sudoers
# ls -l /etc/sudoers*
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 608 VI 27 01:30 /etc/sudoers
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 608 VI 27 00:26 /etc/sudoers.pacnew

But what about this? When we first remove the file and then change the name?
I think it's still important to set the permissions of .pacnew files like they are in the package.

I forgot to say that after editing the file with visudo, the permissions are changed to proper one.

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Re: Permission of .pacnew files

Interesting, please report a bug :
I think only the "ls -l /etc/sudoers*" output after install is needed, which show
the incorrect permission of the pacnew file, but feel free to stay as verbose for the bug report too smile

I actually learned something, didn't know that cp behaved that way : when copying a file over an other, it keeps the permission of the replaced file.
But well, that's not related to pacman.

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