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Want to scale Celeron M 380 frequency according to CPU temperature

Hi all dudes/ladies

This is my question, i have a Celeron M 380 (1.6 Ghz), the thing is that i want to be able to make instruccions to the CPU to reduce the frequency when certain CPU temperature is reached, im not interested in saving power, just in prevent my notebook to burn

Something like ermm

if CPUTEMP < 83 C  then  CPU_SCALE = 1600 mhz

If CPUTEMP >= 86 C


CPU_SCALE= 1000 mhz

If CPU_SCALE= 1000 mhz and CPUTEMP >= 88 C then CPU_SCALE= 700 mhz

if CPU_SCALE = 700 mhz and CPUTEMP >= 90 C then
Print (Your notebook is gonna melt damm it) and Exec POWEROFF

LOL i know i just made it that way so everyone can understand what i want, im obviusly not a programmer lol tongue

But anyways,  my interest is not powersaving,  is just prevent my notebook from melting

I dont know if is possible scaling a Celeron M whitout SpeedStep capabilities, i have read that u can whit p4-clockmod, but i dont think i would need the "powersaved" package,  i think i just would need a CPU SCALING app, and a nice Script having the idea of my super code upthere lol

Any Help is very aprecciated


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Re: Want to scale Celeron M 380 frequency according to CPU temperature

Look at the package cpufreqd and its file /etc/cpufreqd.conf
You can have rules like this :

# Special Rules
# CPU Too hot!
name=CPU Too Hot
profile=Performance Low

# use performance mode if I'm watching a movie
# I don't care for batteries!
# But don't heat too much.
name=Movie Watcher
profile=Performance High


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Re: Want to scale Celeron M 380 frequency according to CPU temperature

You can use p4-clockmod module and cpufre-set to set a certain frequency. But on my celeron there is no difference in temperature between running at 163MHz or 1300MHz.


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Re: Want to scale Celeron M 380 frequency according to CPU temperature

thanks for the answers, im trying cpufreqd

Pierce, yes, maybe using it will not really affect the temperature,  but yesterday, i took my laptop to a "hot" place, and i was seening the CPU temp, go to 92 C. till it frozed

At normal places, the CPU goes like to 83 C max,   so i want to try this in case i go to others "hot" places, and prevent it to burn, thats kind my main worry, thats why i olso ask if i can add a Rule to poweroff the laptop in case certain temperature is reached  smile

Thanks for the answers


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