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#1 2007-09-28 07:49:03

From: muc
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<solved> Arch/XP dual boot problem

I guess this question belongs here big_smile

My partition setup is like this the moment:

sda1 - NTFS with Win XP
sda2 - EXT3 storage partition
sda3 - FAT32 storage Partition
sda4 - EXT3 - Arch Linux  *BOOTABLE*

The bootable flag is on sda4 and its working alright.
The bootloader I use is grub. This is the entry I use to boot into windows.
Grub is installed on sda4.

# (1) Windows
title Windows
rootnoverify (hd0,0)
chainloader +1

Works alright too.

Now my problem is that every time I boot into Windows, the bootable flag gets PERMANENTLY set to sda1 again. Meaning that after the next reboot, grub wont appear at all and windows will just start automatically.

Im pretty sure that this setup used to work for me in the past.. I cant figure out why I keep losing my bootable flag on sda4. And I rather dont want to risk installing grub on sda1 - last time I tried that the partition became unusable to the point I could even restore it with winxp cd boot and fixmbr.

Any ideas? smile

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#2 2007-09-28 08:14:59

From: downstairs
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Re: <solved> Arch/XP dual boot problem

Have you tried installing grub on the MBR (sda, not sda1)?


#3 2007-09-28 08:32:34

From: muc
Registered: 2006-11-22
Posts: 166

Re: <solved> Arch/XP dual boot problem the thing without number is the MBR, not some "parent element". big_smile
Works, now, thanks smile


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