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Asus G1 & jack audio sound server working really bad


for those who know a little about jack low latency audio sound server, I have a big problem : it works like crap.
I get a ton of xrun errors running the jack server, even if I do nothing. The sound is sometimes saturated and it's quite impossible to play a sound file fluently.
I launch jack via qjackctl with some quite simple parameters. Been trying to change values but nothing changes.

I just don't understand : the sound card is doing well for a common use with alsa (playing mp3 & video files). I have disabled the kde sound system to save performance.

Note that I use jack successfully with an other computer (a desktop one) with a built in simple sound card and it works great out of the box.
Here with the G1, which is way much powerful, jack is just unusable.

Any idea anyone ?

The sound card is a HDA Intel built in a core 2 duo chipset.


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