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#26 2007-10-30 15:36:38

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Re: Can developers submit logos in the contest?

foxbunny wrote:

Okay, seriously, guys. Especially devs. You need to get a grip on things. (Mostly thanks to me) this logo contest is turning into a bit of chaotic mess. I do apologize to cerise, and pde for all the comments I have made before, and although I still do not agree with you, I acknowledge the pointlessness of arguing in circles.

As for devs, I ask you to please make all the decisions between yourselves, and just inform us of them. There is no need to involve 100+ people in such simple matters as having a dev submit or not submit his artwork. Use your best judgment, and do not open pointless discussions (even though I opened this one, which I regret now). Please. Some people obviously agree, but then some people don't. It is precisely in times like this that a dev should put his feed down and make a decision. If you need to capture the general mood of the community, open a poll.

I apologize in advance if this sounded a bit harsh or something like that, but I really do mean it.

Agreed, too many cooks and all that. Closing Thread.


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