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#26 2007-12-28 13:35:51

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Re: nederlandse installeer gids begonnen

tlaloc wrote:

I am sorry that I cannot say this in Dutch - but isn't it a little bit premature? The devs must take a decision to i18n the installer, before it can be localized. No one thinks of having different install-Cds for Dutch, Russian, spanish etc. - doesn't make sense in my eyes.

Wat bedoel je precies? Ik lees niets over aparte installatie cd's... er is een nederlandse installatie gids gemaakt, dat is alles...

What do you mean exactly? I read nothing about different installation cd's... a dutch installation guide has been made, thats all...

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#27 2007-12-28 19:25:41

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Re: nederlandse installeer gids begonnen

Allright, I really had to laugh at this. Language problems all around ...
Knowing German, I thought that I would also understand some Dutch phrases ("dat is alles", for example). But it did not occur to me that "installer gids" stands for "installer guide", rather than for a more complex phrase (like my mistaken reading "Dutch installer has begun").

I promise to shut up on these issues (hearing "Fishermen's Blues" by the Waterboys at 120 db). Best regards to our colleagues in the Netherlands - go on and do you your own thing. You will probably be better off without my (unuseful) "help".:D

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Re: nederlandse installeer gids begonnen is dead. Gone for ever?

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Re: nederlandse installeer gids begonnen

Yes, due to lack of interest smile.

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