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#1 2003-05-05 09:58:49

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hosts file

I was having a problem with xcdroast where it wouldn't start after "su" to root claiming it wasn't allowed to connect to display :0.0, etc. This only started once I started using /opt/kde/bin/kdm to start directly in kde with runlevel 5.

I was looking for a solution and noticed my kdm.log was saying "X: Client 20 rejecetd from local host".... googled a bit, and a site mentioned that the hosts file (for redhat actually) was incorrect.  I found that it was the same incorrect format for arch as well

was:               localhost.localdomain localhost

and should be               localhost localhost.localdomain

according to this site anyways. I made the change and had no problem. (before I couldn't even run "xhost +localhost")

anybody comment on this? is it true about the format being wrong? if it is the case, then it should be fixed as part of the default setup for arch, right?



#2 2003-05-05 10:05:35

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Re: hosts file

i believe you are correct.

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#3 2003-05-08 07:26:07

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Re: hosts file

I'm pretty sure the format is

IP          full-name           nicknames

so the first version should be correct. You should substitute localdomain with your actual local domain, e.g.

About connecting as root to X and xhost stuff : you probably have an incompatible .Xauthority file. When I su to root, I usually copy the ~/.Xauthority file from the user I normally run X to /root/ and it will work.


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