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#26 2008-03-20 02:25:56

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Re: [SOLVED]Fluxbox or Openbox ?

ph0tios wrote:

For those who use a panel in openbox; which do you recommend?

I use tint. Very basic, but you cannot beat the eye candy factor smile.

Let me add some praise for Openbox too big_smile. I just tweaked a weather report script for Openbox (pipe menus FTW!). Can't beat that... Just love it lol

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Re: [SOLVED]Fluxbox or Openbox ?

If they somehow got tint to have a tray that'd be amazing. And for openbox (which is my vote for being better) I just got the gmail pipe menu. smile


#28 2008-05-16 08:58:22

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Re: [SOLVED]Fluxbox or Openbox ?

Hi, I just solve the same problem. Used flux for a long time and now play with openbox, I like fluxbox, its config files, tabbing, etc. One think I didnt manage to set is nicer windows placement, I mean centred as in openbox. Ob also feels to me little bit more smooth. And I like its pipe menus. Also the default keybinding are great (maybe I'll use that in flux)

But there are some problem I can't solve in ob:

1) run app in exact desktop with switching on that app when it is open. (I can run it on exact desktop, but doesnt switch me). I get used to it wery much, w/o this I will return to flux. And also in fluxbox is very nice menu item to save window config (position, desktop, decor etc.)

2) focus to window I unhided with keybinding, but have mouse on other window. (use wmctrl) Im used to have few dropdown terminals, mcabber, ncmpc etc. In openbox it work but there is no focus on that window. In flux it works also with focus (press key and have dd-terminal with focus)

3) simple pager for amd64. Just need simple pager (something like fbpager). Only to see windows on other desktops. Seems like obpager is not suitable for x86_64.

Best way would be to join flux and ob together and get their best smile


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