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#26 2004-07-09 15:42:33

Schwag Merchant
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Re: whats so bad about rpm?

aCoder wrote:

RPM is trash, don't litter...

sad... You don't usually make such meaningless sweeping statements... RPM is the redhat package manager. That's all it is, whether it is good or bad is not for Arch users to decide.


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Re: whats so bad about rpm?

oldtimer wrote:

I do not believe the problem is with the RPM design but more in the individual respository mantainers or builders. In the case of Redhat/Fedora, you will have no problems with dependencies IF you  use repositories that use non-speccific repository dependencies. Some repositories make their specific packages dependecies for their RPMS. This is what creates RPM hell. The solution, in the case of Redhat/Fedora, is DON"T use RPM's from sources like Dag's or ATrpms. However, I have found that I can use RPM's from Freshrpms without a problem in many cases.

So, RPM is not the problem it is the creators of the fringe RPM respositories that are the problem.

Totally agree. That's the reason why Slackware works almost without package management. And the same can happen to DEB and others.

I've seen some people complain about that on Arch: too easy for everyone to create packages. That's why I've seen some people saying at OSNews about Arch that TUR packages are better that -current ones.

BTW I'm using Arch right now. So far the only problem I got was the xdm package at current. Can't remember the file, but some config files were pointing at the wrong directories.



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