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#1 2003-05-22 13:06:15

From: Roma - Italy
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Source package

I think could be usefull to have the possibility to download the configured source package in order to easyer the work of recompiling  some application.
For instance, recompiling exim with mysql or ldap support.
Having the package ready with all the configuration ready (where to install the binary, conf files and so on) make faster to compile a new package like exim-mysql that is compliance with the official one and avilable to everybody.

Basically my need is coming out from the necessity to move an existing system (ftp, mail....) with account already configured that work completely with MySQL.


#2 2003-05-22 15:06:51

From: Netherlands
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Re: Source package

if you use abs you can adapt all options given to configure and so enable extra functionality

just exec abs to sync the tree then cd to /usr/abs
go to the dir of the pkg you want to rebuild
adapt the PKGBUILD
and do a makepkg


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