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#1 2002-09-19 23:26:20

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hardware question while I wait for my arch disc

My arch disc is in the mail, thank you sarah31, so while I wait I'm thinking of changing my motherboard.  It's the one piece I kind of skimmped on when I put my system together, a DFI with the AMD chipset.  Just wondering if anyone has experience running linux on a gigabyte ga-7vrx.  The raid version, 7vrxp, rated pretty good on anandtech but they don't check for things like linux compatibility.  Actually, if anyone knows of some sites that rate boards for linux compatibility that would be cool.  Any other boards you think are good would be great too.  I'm running a 1.4 Tbird with DDR memory.

Thanks in advance


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Re: hardware question while I wait for my arch disc

I like my Soyo Dragon Lite a whole bunch though there are some troubles with my ide controller (darn via chipset) and my Panasonic dvd/cdrom drive and it's DMA. Other than that it has a kick four channle sound chipset and so forth. As for the gigabyte board i don't forsee to much trouble.

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