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#1 2003-06-08 22:43:51

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more notebook/laptop support

why i write this is because i would lovely see another stock kernel, or maybe more than just one ...

i.e. there should be a stock kernel for laptops with acpi support and this cpufreq module ....

or a server stock kernel, which could be really slim, with maybe just ethernet firewire without any sound and gfx ....

i think this would be a way to make the system more individual ....


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#2 2003-06-09 04:33:50

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Re: more notebook/laptop support

That's one of the things that's being talked about for the new install scripts.  Having multiple kernels... I know I could supply my kernel, it's got acpi support (I believe the cpufreq patch is built in as well), as well as swsusp, and a user-mode-linux patch... lots of stuff ;o)

I suppose the more PKGBUILDs we get of custom, working kernels the more we could include in the installer (but be sure to check with us before uploading the incoming... too many similar kernels would just be silly).

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