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No entry for / created in /etc/fstab during Arch 0.6 install

The other day I installed Arch here on one of the machines at work that will eventually be replacing the current intranet webserver.  I used an Arch 0.6 CD I had laying around, and everything went fine.  However, during the post-install boot I kept getting errors relating to remounting / read-write and not being able to clear out the temporary directories and such, and the system would hang in a few places while the init scripts were running.  And since / was never getting remounted read-write properly, I was booting into a read-only system.  I don't have the exact errors and places it was hanging in front of me, but I remember one of them was something about not finding / in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab.  I checked /etc/fstab, and sure enough, the entry for / was missing.  So I rebooted and had grub start / read-write from the get-go and added the entry for / in /etc/fstab and that did the trick.

So, has anyone else run into anything like this, or am I just the victim of a strange fluke?  The system is a Dell Precision 210 workstation, with dual P3 450MHz CPUs and 256MB RAM sitting in an i440BX motherboard (not sure of the manufacturer/model off hand.)  The system drive is a Quantum Atlas IV 9 WLS (9GB) SCSI drive running on an Adaptec 2940U2 OEM PCI card.


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Re: No entry for / created in /etc/fstab during Arch 0.6 install

it could be a fluke or it could be one small minor missed step in the installe that caused this.

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