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#1 2004-09-23 21:56:41

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logout in KDE freezes linux boxes

I thought this was down to my installation on mu other Arch box so i installed 0.6 on a new pc then ran pacman -Syu , to upgrade pacman first.
Then pacman -Syu again then rebooted.
Next i ran pacman -S xorg the rebooted then pacman -S kde
. Again i rebooted just to keep things in the system happy.
I add exec startkde to my .xinitrc then type after config my xorg.conf type startx.

KDE runs up fine and works well until i click on logout.
My screen goes black and all i see is the mouse cursor and my box is totally locked up.
No amount of ctrl alt del or ctrl alt backspace or terminal either.
Just switch off and reboot.
Although i can get out of kde if i type ctrl alt backspace , then everything is fine.
Whats wrong with kde , the previous arch release worked fine.
Is it kde or xorg ?

This isn't good if it newbies come along and try Arch for the first time as a large percentage use KDE.

HELP ...


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Re: logout in KDE freezes linux boxes

He-he,  it's not Arch Linux specific ... I get the same on my Slackware box.  Patrick V. thinks it may be a bug in KDE and is hoping it will fix in KDE 3.3.1.


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