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#1 2004-10-25 05:27:45

From: Oklahoma, USA
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Moving from parallel IDE drive to SATA drive...

what should I expect?  I am currently using a regular IDE HDD but will probably be buying a SATA drive pretty soon so I'm just trying to plan ahead for the transition.  I expect to be able to have both installed at the same time and migrate that way but I'm not sure what I'll run into once I remove the old drive - will I have to boot from CD and fix grub?

Well, you get the idea; just hoping for some advice especially if anyone has done this recently.


#2 2004-10-25 05:41:59

From: Israel
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Re: Moving from parallel IDE drive to SATA drive...

i don't remember having major issues, just make sure u have sata support (should be on Arch default kernel i think), and hd/partitions naming will be changed ofcourse to /dev/sdXY, so u might wanna check /etc/fstab too.


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